Onida Airport Advisory Board

PO BOX 72, Onida, SD 57564
January 1st, 2007
To Whom it May Concern,

I have served on the Onida Airport Advisory Board for the past 18 years. I have served at various capacities and am presently the Chairman. It has been an honor and privilege to work with Helms and Associates during those years.

Presently Helms and Assoc. is providing engineering services for the extension and new mat overlay of our runway for 2006 thru 2007. In the past during the mid 1990\'s they also provided the engineering services for building our original asphalt runway which had been grass prior to that time.

They have provided excellent service to our Airport on 2 fronts:

#1. They are 1st class in providing the environmental, designing, bidding and managing the construction of the airport project. All members of their team are professional and go the extra mile.

#2. As with any project there can be a debate as to the pros and cons of the project within the community and in dealing with all the different organizations that an Airport board gets involved with during the initial planning of the project. I and my board had to stand up and promote our airport many times. During those times Helms and Associates were always willing to provide us with the information and facts needed to promote our airport. They gave me good counsel and physically attended meetings when necessary to promote and defend our airport projects. They were there for me in every way. I sincerely thank them for this.

Helms & Associates not only does the things required of them in the contract you sign with them but they also do the little extra things that unexpectedly come up. They stick with you and go the extra mile.

If you would like to contact me for further discussion feel free at your convenience.

Edward Eller-Chairman