Aberdeen Regional Airport

123 S Lincoln St, Aberdeen, SD 57401
March 8th, 2010
To Whom It May Concern:

It is my esteem pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for the engineering firm of Helms and Associates. I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Terry Helms, and his staff for the past seven years in Aberdeen. Helms and Associates have been working on Aberdeen Regional Airport projects since around 1983.

Each year The Aberdeen Regional Airport and Helms and Associates jointly review the needs of the airport by using the tools at our disposal which consist of: Airport Layout Plans, Master Plans, 5 year goals. We have worked jointly to make the AIP funding, NPIAS reporting, and DBE goal setting and reports an easier process for our airport and the
FAA staff for their review.

Helms and Associates have always been attentive to details. In each construction year there are always issues that have to be dealt with, and I find that most of the companies that we work with know that Helms and Associates are there representing all parties involved and everyone will be treated fairly. Most of the firms that bid to work at our airport know that Helms and Associates will be involved, and many of the firms continue to give us good bids year after year because they know what to expect with this firm.

27 years of experience at this airport should show you that Helms and Associates know how to work at airports, and you have my recommendation that this firm will live up to those expectations. I highly recommend that other airports in South Dakota utilize this firm based on their skills, experiences and quality staff. If you should have any questions please feel free to call me at 605-626-7020.

David Osborn - Transportation Director